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I am Amanda and I am a Virtual Personal Assistant. Why don’t I just say Virtual Assistant like everyone else? Well, because with me it’s personal.

How did I get here?

I became a parent at a young age and there is nothing that will inspire success more than the need to take care of a little person. I returned to college and studied hard for two years on a fulltime business course so that I could improve my prospects of future employment. Studying with a toddler in tow is no joyride let me tell you!

Once I had gained my business qualifications, I decided that University wasn’t for me. Instead I embarked on what was to be a ten year career in the lettings industry to which I owe the acquisition of the skills I am now able to use to help you grow your business.

I now enjoy a healthy work/life balance working from my home in Somerset. I prefer to work with a small collection of clients so I can give them the level of care and attention they would expect from a personal assistant.

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